Purpose & Role
Purpose & Role
The NZMAT Operational Group (NZMATOG) exists to advise on matters related to the maintenance, capability, capacity, and readiness of the NZMAT capability. Whilst also seeking to raise situational awareness across the four pillars of the Emergency Management Framework
The NZMATOG provides operational oversight, coordination and execution of the New Zealand Medical Assistance Teamwork programme and associated activities. If the NZMATOG can’t resolve issues presenting at the operational level, they escalate to the Emergency Management Leadership Team for decision-making. The NZMATOG makes decisions and recommendations based on the information and advice provided by NZMAT Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) and other key stakeholders.
The NZMATOG is accountable to the Director Emergency Management, New Zealand Ministry of Health or delegated authority.
Key Activities

The key activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining oversight of and coordinating the NZMAT capability
  • Maintaining coordination of the recruitment and selection process and criteria for NZMAT personnel
  • Selecting NZMAT Technical Advisory Group members and maintaining oversight of their outputs
  • Reviewing and providing recommendations on the NZMAT deployment processes, standard operating procedures, operational documentation, and operational reporting
  • Refining established and developing new process as required or necessary to ensure efficiency in operations
  • Review of NZMAT deployments, advising on issues, and providing recommendations for improvements
  • Oversee lessons identification, lessons capture and associated corrective action
Group Composition

Membership will be composed of:

  • NZMAT Principal Advisor (Ministry of Health)
  • NZMAT Programme Manager
  • NZMAT Clinical Director
  • NZMAT Logistics Lead (Fire & Emergency New Zealand)
  • NZMAT Logistics Coordinator